Western Shore, Nova Scotia. The capital of Gold River, Martin's Point, Chester Basin & Beech Hill.

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Western Shore, Nova Scotia

The capital of Gold River, Martin's Point, Chester Basin and Beech Hill.

Here you can amuse yourself for endless hours. Check out the text humour section, it's pretty hilarious. I found the MasterCard Indecent Proposal commercial interesting. ;) Tourette Syndrome Barbie is on the Flash Videos page.

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Anyone wishing to have their photo uploaded can send it to me if they don't want to bother signing up at the gallery. Use the email address at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

The gallery also has video sections now... I've uploaded a few funnies and "what the hell's"

Also accepting local scenic/landmark photos. I have got a nice new cam, so look out! lol

"You're now sober enough to realize "Drink Canada Dry" is a slogan and not a personal challenge."

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Buckcherry - Everything

New Mario Ghost House game on flash vids page!!       07/20/07

 Music Projects 

Jon ->>



the gatekeepers : visit our site:: http://myspace.com/thegatekeepersmusic

>>sandman video

The Brew Crew (DISBANDED): visit our page here

I Scream : visit our page here

JJ : Black Lodge (mp3) - download here

LJB : Don't Cry - download here

Brian Webber : Catastrophe (by B.W.) download here

Brian Webber : One Last Breath demo (Creed song) download here

RR : It Must Have Been Love -> download here


live in the area and want to see your recorded clip here? contact me at the address on the bottom of the page.



July 29 - Site design about 90% complete.
Aug 12 - Index and some text rewritten
Sep 20 - New photo gallery software, pics added to funny section
Oct 16 - Main page redesign.
Oct 30 - More Macromedia Flash videos added
Nov 3  - Now listed on ALL search engines :) Perfect!
Dec 6 - The Brew Crew - Don't Cry added


Jan 5 - Added 3 videos we recorded
Jan 25 - More site links
Feb 18 - New page for Brew Crew
Feb 23 - Couple more flash videos
Mar 22 - New site created -
Apr 12 - Minor coding changes, added a load of new pics. new video of the week last week
May 20 - Added LJB - Don't Cry
July 16 - 2 new Brew Crew tunes. We're getting better with our sound engineering (lol)
Aug 1 - New video of the week, Collective Soul - Better Now
Aug 1 - Added a song that Brian wrote/recorded ... see ^^
Aug 30 - Added new recording of "Pieces" to the Brew Crew page
Sep 16 - Site added to Canuckster ... a search engine just for Canadian Sites :D

Canuckster Search Engine And Canadian Community Web Portal - Canada Content Links and Stuff

Sep 20 - Added our new Studio Version of Don't Cry, and Brian Webber demo of Creed - One Last Breath
Nov. 20 - The Sawler Family Tree - Lifeline by Arthur W. Sawler has been updated again and is now available in .PDF format. Please see
http://family.westernshore.ca for more details.




Changed the site layout a little.
Nov 21 - Trial of new colour scheme
Dec 16 - Cleaned up some code. We're looking for more affiliates for link exhange. We are currently ranked #3 on Google for the search term western shore. =)
Dec 31 - Added Brew Crew video - The Middle (Jimmy Eat World cover)


Jan 3 - We are now working on our second DVD... a couple new upcoming videos for this release have been posted on the Brew Crew website in DivX format.

July 28 - Changing layout somewhat and new Video of the Week. Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands).
View at http://westernshore.ca/videooftheweek

Aug 10- More layout changes.

Nov 29 - Some embedded videos added.... wheee.. lol


There have been many site additions and improvements, too many too list, mainly, the photo gallery has been configured to add videos!! more albums added and the usual site improvement shit, plus the proper organization of the best of our music videos ... see


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